Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Best Android keyboard phone

Just picked up an HTC myTouch 4G Slide  (AKA Doubleshot) from craigslist.  Probably still one of the best Android phones with a physical keyboard you could get...  which is a shame, because it's somewhat old at this point.  Hopefully HTC will make a successor to this, because the physical keyboard is the one big thing they still have most of the other big Android manufacturers.

CyanogenMOD 9.1 (based on Android 4.1 ICS) just went stable a month or so ago!  There are many instructions on how to get CM9.1 on your Doubleshot...  this is the one I ended up using:


From there, you can pick up halfway through the CM9.1 instructions at: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/HTC_Doubleshot:_Full_Update_Guide

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MultiSeat Linux Setup

MultiSeat Linux Configuration

For the childrens

We built a gaming PC for the kids, thanks to Craigslist.  It's some quad core deal with 2 separate nVidia GPUs... way overkill for Minecraft, but it'd be neat if the two kids could share it.

Here's the setup I use to allow both kids to play Minecraft together on one Linux box with two sets of keyboards, mice, and monitors.  This might also work with a single GPU connected to two monitors, at the cost of video performance.

This is running Linux Mint 13, which is based on Ubuntu 12.04

Most of this is based on other sources on the internet.  But this version has a working mousewheel (which inexplicably gets mapped to separate events than the rest of the 3-button mouse)